Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 1--The whirlwind begins!

May 26th, we left about 3 hours later than expected, and who knew you could stuff an RV that full of "just in case" stuff! We overnighted at a truck stop in Kentucky, a less-than-restful experience. What they don't tell you in all the RV books is that you are surrounded by the constant, dull roar of idling diesel engines, the harrowing sight of opening a curtain and seeing a truck backing up crookedly into the space next to yours, and stoppng about 8 inches from your head, or how early everyone else's day starts. Our only culinary excursion was into a McDonalds for supper in North Carolina.
We headed for the Creation Museum in the morning and had cold cereal on the run. There is definitely something to be said for bringing your kitchen and dining room with you!

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