Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Today, I enter the world of blogging with some trepidation. I am setting out on a long journey soon, and wanted a place to share my gastronomic point of view as I cross the country. I gingerly stuck my toe in the water this evening by making notes on the meal I shared tonight with my family. We ventured into Longhorn Steakhouse in Greenville, SC. Surprisingly, for a Friday night in our neck of the woods, we only had a 10-minute wait. Our waittress Melissa was very attentive and helpful. My strawberry limeade was a bit watered down, but the general flavor was good. I ordered the "new" crab stuffed filet with mixed vegetable and mashed potatoes. There was a good bit of speculation among us that the crab did not originate in a shell, as the texture was odd and the flavor quite fishy. The layer of spinach and the herb cream sauce were both good. There was a fabulous sear on the well-done filet, although I suspect the use of blackening seasonings, as the crust was surprisingly spicy though not unbearable. My filet was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and not at all dry as well-done beef can sometimes be. I will die of shock if I ever actually get a side of mixed vegetables that has not had all the life cooked out of it and lies soggy on my plate. There has to be a better way to hold vegetables over for service. The mashed potatoes had a good flavor, but the texture was a bit thick and "gluey". My guess is a mix of real and packaged potatoes.
Final Observations:
Price: 21.99
Entree: Fabulous filet, but tell them to leave the crab in the kitchen
Sides: Average
Service: Very good, although I can't help wondering if she thought I was a secret shopper as I madly scribbled notes between bites!
I will very likely return, as I am very much a meat and potatoes girl and love a good steak. That was the best I have had since I can't remember when. I plan to try the ribeye next time.
Always try something new!


  1. I enjoyed reading and agree about the mixed veggies. Is this Longhorn the one in Greenridge? I think we went there once and liked but that was over a year ago so I could be remembering wrong.


  2. That is the Longhorn I was referring to. I must say I love the cowboy decor! :)

  3. Aunt Linda from Fl said...Enjoyed the beginning blog and look forward to frequently reading about your cross-country epicurean experiences. What a neat excursion and palatable education for you family and friends

  4. Good to hear from you, Aunt Linda. Hope everyone is doing well. We are very much looking forward to sharing our cross-country trip with everyone and trying new things along the way.